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About Us

ALL WORK is a leading company for the employment of Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Since 2011, we have been cooperating with direct, reliable employers in Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Finland. During this time, we found work and helped to improve the financial situation of thousands of Ukrainian families throughout Ukraine.

We can help you with legally work for world-renowned factories, plants and enterprises, to get European experience and, most importantly, to start getting a decent European salary for your work!

Experienced specialists of ALL WORK Company are always ready to provide a free consultation on legal employment in Europe, to help you to decide on the job choice and the design of the required documents.

We can offer many vacancies, among which everyone will find your one.

If you already have an open visa, we will help you to find a job in European countries as soon as possible.

If you are only planning to look for a job abroad, but do not know where to begin and how to process the necessary documents, you should contact ALL WORK company! We will find work for everyone!

ALL WORK Company is a guarantee of your success and financial well-being of your family!

Order №1783 from 26.11.2018
License of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine No. 125 dated 17.02.2016